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Welcome to the new home website for Richard Crookes


For over 30 years Richard Crookes has been working as a freelance artist and illustrator in the various branches of the publishing industry. Now living in Bangkok, he is primarily involved with oracle card and book cover design for international publishers. August 2015 sees the publication of his first fully authored project the Tai Chi Reflections cards for Findhorn Press.

For further information on the Tai Chi Reflections cards please click here. If you are a Tai Chi tutor and would like to be included in the directory, please click here.

Please see the Illustrated Card Decks page for more information on all other decks he has created or has been involved with here.

Book jacket design and illustration is a major part of his work and you can find samples of work and how to commission a cover here.

Calligraphic work including instructional content here.

For written work, please take a look at Richard’s companion site Still Glides the Stream

Still glides the stream - online notebook

Still glides the stream – online notebook

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to contact Richard to commission artwork, please fill out the contact form below. Thank you.

The importance of art

I was very kindly asked a couple of weeks ago to contribute a guest posting to Anne Fallas’ blogspot on the importance of art:-

The Importance of Art?…. Hmm

A friend posted something on facebook about art this week:-

‘When times are hard, art is a luxury’…discuss….I found out later that this was in the context of art lessons being cut from the school curriculum due to financial constraints .

I replied that art is indeed a luxury and added that it is one available to us all. That ruffled a few feathers at first, I think, from one or two who considered it essential. Personally I don’t put it up there with being healthy, having clean water and a safe environment. I’ve had a life in art and I might add a very lucky one, but I don’t think anybody is going to die without art. Let’s not be precious about it – it all washes away in the sea of time.

All that might sound that I don’t care about art, but I obviously do or I wouldn’t have been doing it all my life. So what was my point?

Art is a luxury… it is a beautiful, probably uniquely human and fabulously therapeutic activity. It is a luxurious way of spending your time when you are not simply surviving. It is one of the greatest luxuries, and it is completely free.

Art does not belong to privileged people. There is no good and bad art. Art is yours. Art is love.

Please pop over to Anne’s site where you will find RadioRay’s article on the Importance of Music and further fascinating articles from guest contributors alongside Anne’s own writings

….Anne Fallas’ Blogspot

You might notice a familiar cover design:-

The Earth Changes for Anne Fallas

The Earth Changes for Anne Fallas



The Earth Changes ….A review by Maddy Harland Editor of Permaculture Magazine…
   “This is a very rare animal, an eco-novel written well. Set in France at time when the Earth’s climate is unravelling, it tells the story of a group of people who are struggling to make sense of their lives, build a small, self-sufficient community and prepare for a post-technological world. Rather than being gloomy, it treats the exploration of a new way of living with optimism and joy. Encoded in the tale are metaphors about human and planetary evolution that would be familiar to students of esoteric psychology.  The novel works. I read it cover to cover and enjoyed its style and structure and I didn’t find it obvious or preachy.  Worth seeking out.”  Maddy Harland, Editor, Permaculture Magazine

Mobile app design

After another round of book cover designs which will be on show in due course, work is underway on a couple of mobile applications.
The first is a version of the Tai Chi Reflections cards which will be available shortly, both for Apple and Android operating systems.


This is going to be a beautiful application that will enable you to pick random cards and share the images via social media as well as reading the accompanying texts. Please watch this space for release date details. Hopefully this will be ready at the same time the cards are published in August.

The second project is an altogether different affair and for the moment top secret. It is quite a departure from Richard’s normal output and it won’t interest everyone. It has, though, a great potential to reach a very large audience.