Healing Music?

My experiments with clarinet and looping are continuing apace. Recently I have played a couple of sessions at a very cool artist’s café in Huahin (The Ronin Capsule Café) along with my fellow sonic explorer Gary Hall.

you can see a short clip of that here

Gary and I are also very likely to be playing a session in Bangkok at Studio Lam as part of Tommy Hanson’s Healing Sunday in either October or November (details will be added as soon as this is confirmed). I’m very excited about that. Gary plays beautiful piano improvisations and I try to add my own flourishes to that. If you are in or around Bangkok, be sure to try and catch us.

The sort of music I’m playing could well be placed, I think, in a ‘sound healing’ category- not that I make any great claims on its efficacy, that is, It is just that I find it a deeply peaceful thing to do – to inhabit the moments of the vibration and emotion of the sound that I seem to be making. It is coming from the heart and I think it goes back to the heart in its own loop.

Here’s a live, unrehearsed video I recorded, that I think illustrates this. I’d love to know what people think about this and if they can feel the same.

Improvisational sound healing

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