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Award winning oracle card illustrator and book cover artist. Experimental musician with koto, clarinet.

Healing Music?

My experiments with clarinet and looping are continuing apace. Recently I have played a couple of sessions at a very cool artist’s café in Huahin (The Ronin Capsule Café) along with my fellow sonic explorer Gary Hall.

you can see a short clip of that here

Gary and I are also very likely to be playing a session in Bangkok at Studio Lam as part of Tommy Hanson’s Healing Sunday in either October or November (details will be added as soon as this is confirmed). I’m very excited about that. Gary plays beautiful piano improvisations and I try to add my own flourishes to that. If you are in or around Bangkok, be sure to try and catch us.

The sort of music I’m playing could well be placed, I think, in a ‘sound healing’ category- not that I make any great claims on its efficacy, that is, It is just that I find it a deeply peaceful thing to do – to inhabit the moments of the vibration and emotion of the sound that I seem to be making. It is coming from the heart and I think it goes back to the heart in its own loop.

Here’s a live, unrehearsed video I recorded, that I think illustrates this. I’d love to know what people think about this and if they can feel the same.

Improvisational sound healing

Animal Dreaming Publishing

I am very happy to have been asked to contribute design and illustration work to some titles at Animal Dreaming Publishing.

Two book covers and box design for the World Animal Dreaming Oracle with excellent illustration by Karen Branchflower. Beautiful cover illustration for Earth Mother Dreaming by Amanda Clark.

It is a real joy to work with such good illustration as this.

I am also on the case with a number of book cover illustrations for Animal Dreaming to be revealed in due course.

Quite a few years ago I was involved in the design of Scott’s Bohemian Tarot cards – behind the scenes, and so it is nice to be working with him again.

You can find these titles available here.

Work in progress

It’s quite a while since I added any content here, but I have not been idle. On the contrary, I have been working behind the scenes on two new card decks for the authors Sonja Grace and Dawn Brown. The card illustrations are not mine in both cases – but I am bringing my expertise in card design to the projects and also have now taken on the job of the booklet layouts which surprisingly I find quite enjoyable.

You can find both sets available for pre-order here on the Inner Traditions website

I have also recently been involved in the conceptual illustration work for the Making Magick oracle cards for Rockpool International which you can find here.

In addition to these card projects, I have also been working on various cover design projects for various publishers which I will add into the gallery in due course.

New Deck just completed…

Latest news is this new deck of 48 cards has just been completed in collaboration with Barbara MeikleJohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters once more. This follows on from the Witches’ Wisdom deck seen below and is due to be released through Llewellyn next year. Bright, colourful and mouthwatering to say the least – watch this space for more release details when available.


Packaging artwork

I thought it might be interesting to show the final files for the box artwork for a deck of cards….

Here are the top and bottom pieces of artwork for the Greek Mythology Reading cards available from Inner Traditions/Bear and Co, Findhorn Press, Amazon and all good book shops.

This is complex and precision artwork involving many many layers.

Do you need book cover artwork?

Richard has been providing book cover artwork for leading publishers for many years and offers a full professional service. The standard price for front cover artwork is £350 GBP. For more details and endorsements and recommendations please visit this page:-

Book Cover Artwork

Richard will be happy to discuss all your requirements whether you are an experienced publisher or self publishing for the first time.

The China Challenge

Full cover illustration and graphic design commissioned by Ottawa University Press

Transformation Talk Radio

In connection with the Greek Mythology Reading Cards project, I will be in live conversation on Transformation Talk Radio with the host Dr Pat and Alison Chester Lambert this coming Monday. I am very much looking forward to that. Here’s a link for that show which will also be available to listen later and as a podcast…
The live show is scheduled for 10 am Seattle time , 6pm UK time and midnight Bangkok time on Monday 14th May 2018.
Check out this great video on youtube of the cards:-

Radial Golf …quite a diversion

RG playstore feature graphic copyThis is quite a diversion from my normal activity…a golf scoring mobile application. All the design, photography and concept is mine of course, but I have had the great pleasure to have worked with Loichai studio who have made this dream a reality for me.

I started playing golf just over two years ago and looked for a scoring application  to record my results. The ones I found were not what I wanted so I started to record them in my own unique way on a sheet of radial or polar graph paper my father had given me when I was young.


The idea is that the centre of the wheel is a par score of 72 and the outer edge is set at 120. Every time you play you add another point to the curve in a clockwise direction. Ideally, as your scores come down you will create a ‘spiral of improvement’ and eventually hit the centre. I found this visual idea to be such a great incentive to get out and play, that I decided to create it as a mobile application so beginners like me, as well as more established golfers, could do the same.
It has come a long way from my original graph and now looks like this:-



As you add your own courses to the list you colour code them so you can also see progress on those individual courses as well :-


All the information is fully editable so you can add all your past scoring history, add photos, notes and maybe even excuses!

Radial Golf is available here in the Google Play store (for Android) and here in the Apple store.

I have a dedicated website for Radial Golf here

Link to Radial Golf on Google Play

Radial Golf on iTunes app store

Radio interview

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.46.25 PM

I was very kindly asked to join in on the Cosmic Consciousness show on by Trisha Gelder – Spiritual Numerologist, who has enjoyed using my oracle cards in her work. There’s almost an hour of chat talking around my career as an artist if you are interested. You can find the link here.

I pop up at around the 54 minute mark.

Many thanks to Trisha Gelder