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​I havent posted any new work in quite a while.. I havent been idle, in fact very busy. Ive been working on new oracle card sets… a lot of book covers and also teaching myself to use Sketchup 3d modelling.

I started to model our wooden thai house on the outskirts of Bangkok in its entirety with a view to designing extensions to the property at the rear. This is almost nearing completion but in the meantime here is a short video showing the model of the spirit house we have in the garden. Also a few stills from the model…

All quiet on the eastern front

Not much to report on the art front at the moment as I am currently working hard at promoting the Radial Golf app ( which you can download freely in your app stores)

here for Android

and here for Apple

…although I have been working on a map for Warwick University’s sculpture trail with a colleague of mine in the UK. Quite an interesting job for me as I do enjoy a foray into illustrator now and again. Here is a rough draft which apparently is on hold while they build a few multi-storey car parks. Maybe I should get into that and maybe make a little more money… ha ha. I did all the line drawings and the map – but not the layout.


Radio interview

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.46.25 PM

I was very kindly asked to join in on the Cosmic Consciousness show on by Trisha Gelder – Spiritual Numerologist, who has enjoyed using my oracle cards in her work. There’s almost an hour of chat talking around my career as an artist if you are interested. You can find the link here.

I pop up at around the 54 minute mark.

Many thanks to Trisha Gelder


Here’s a new project in progress…a hand carved inscription on an old wooden stool. Lettering designed with double pencils on paper and written quickly and arranged in a  simple block layout. It is such a joy to work in wood. The crisp crunch of a sharp chisel cutting through the grain a most satisfyimg sound.



“Truth is ever to be found in Simplicity” ( not in the multiplicity and confusion of things ) … Isaac Newton

I love the simple utilitarian nature of the stool. It just came to hand as a pleasing idea to add some calligraphy to it.

In Conversation with Susan Larison Danz

I was very kindly asked by Susan Larison Danz to contribute an hours conversation to her BlogTalkRadio channel – The Frontier Beyond Fear. We completed this this morning and it is now available to listen to by clicking here. Topics range from the Tai Chi Reflections cards, commissioning book covers, calligraphy and my life in Thailand,

Susan and I have worked together on a few projects over the last few years and it was very pleasant to finally get to speak to her and have such a long and interesting chat.

The Frontier Beyond Fear conversation