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Thank you for your interest. If you would like to contact Richard to commission artwork, please email him in the first instance at

Skype conversations at a mutually convenient time can be arranged via email and very much welcomed.

Richard does not store any of your personal information nor issue newsletters.

Photographic credits – Richard would like to thank all the generous photographers who have contributed their images freely via public domain sources. He always credits photographers in published work.

6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Elijah Snow

    Hello Richard! Sometimes It is funny and curious how life syncronicities come about…one day we are captured by the beautiful images in some oracle deck cards, the next day one explores, and going from jump to jump one reaches marvelous destinations…such as Stewart Pearce, the Angels of Atlantis and your art work and MUSIC, which by the way, is the reason for my comment.
    I’ve been listening to your music and after a few moments I thought to my self: “here is a human being that knows the WingMakers music”!! 🙂 and that is nice and rare to find. If you´re not familiar with the WingMakers materials, I would be very surprised.
    I saw your humble space on soundcloud and your own phrase – “I would be most grateful for any encouragement” – and anyway, to send you words in support is the reason for my interaction in your reality.
    If your music ever manifest into a CD or MP3 format, just send me an email, and I would gladly be the first to buy it. 🙂

    Thanks for the art, the music and may you journey in peace.

    With Appreciation,

    Elijah Snow


    1. richardcrookes Post author

      Hi Elijah…thanks so much for your very kind words. Actually no…I’m not familiar with the Wingmakers- I’ll check them out.
      Yes I love the randomness of life and how surprising things happen all the time if you let them.


  2. Lynn

    Hi Richard. I have just bought the “Tai Chi Reflections” cards and they look amazing. In the booklet it mentions an App but I can’t seem to find this in th iOS App Store. Does it still exist? Many thanks. Lynn


    1. richardcrookes Post author

      Hi Lynn… thanks so much for the purchase and kind words.
      My apologies… the app is temporarily unavailable due to a change of publisher. I an working to get the situation remedied and the app back up in the stores. There are some slight changes need to be done. Thanks for highlighting this error for me.


  3. Frida

    Hi Richard!:) I just wanted to tell you how much I love your style of artwork and your designs. They are very unique and truely magical:) Having an eye for design and art-making my self I know how much work and intent goes into every picture and well. Just wanted to tell you I am grateful to have found your work:D So Take care! And be safe in corona times!!!
    Sincerely/ Frida :p



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