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In recent years Richard has become known for his award winning and best selling work producing oracle card decks in close collaboration with visionary authors. Richard also creates packaging and layout design and covers for other artists and publishers. He has his own author page featured on the Simon and Schuster webpage

Gemstone Guardians and Your Soul Purpose

Gemstone Guardians and Your Soul Purpose

The fifth deck of oracle cards designed for the author Margaret Ann Lembo and available soon from Findhorn Press/ Inner Traditions

Latest news is this new deck of 48 cards has just been completed in collaboration with Barbara MeikleJohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters once more. This follows on from the Witches’ Wisdom deck seen below and is due to be released through Llewellyn next year. Bright, colourful and mouthwatering to say the least – watch this space for more release details when available.

Sadly – it has come to our knowledge that this deck has been copied illegally and is widely available online – even on amazon!. Please note this is a very inferior quality copy with no accompanying booklet. Also of course we receive no royalty payment for these at all and so all this considerable amount of work has been done for nothing. Please make sure you buy this deck from a reputable stockist.


Mythology-Box-perpetuaThe latest card deck in the shops is the second collaboration with author and astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert and is entitled THE GREEK MYTHOLOGY READING CARDS – 50 cards with guidebook. Published by Findhorn Press through Inner Traditions/Bear and Co

‘The mythology of ancient Greece gave the people their history, moral principles, laws, and their spiritual support. All aspects of human nature and experience had accompanying gods and goddesses that could be consulted or learned from. Deities could be implored for support and guidance in times of stress. If you suspected a lover of infidelity, you could consult Hera for help. If you needed strength in a task, Athena might assure you of victory. Perhaps Eros would tell of a passionate, new relationship, or you might seek the supremacy and confidence of Zeus. This thinking shaped a millennium of spiritual understanding and sacred thought. Now, with the Greek Mythology Reading Cards, you can easily consult the Greek pantheon and receive their guidance and wisdom. ‘

The cards can already be pre-ordered from Inner


ZODIAC READING CARDS by Patsy Bennett, illustrated by Richard Crookes. A 36 card set for Rockpool Publishing

zodiac-banner-copy‘The Zodiac Reading Cards is a powerful 36-card set with Sun signs, Moon signs and lunar eclipses. With this special deck, you will find your astrological guide to your own circumstances, aims, wishes, hurdles and triumphs, highlighting turning points and the best way to navigate your way forward in life.

Includes a booklet explaining the deep significance of each card, with beautiful photographic illustrations of nature, planets and space. From relationships to work; study to health; adventures and travel to domestic concerns, the Zodiac Reading Cards by Patsy Bennett will help you to find true direction and lasting happiness in life, love and work.’

ANIMAL ALLIES AND GEMSTONE GUARDIANS CARDS by Margaret Ann Lembo, illustrated by Richard Crookes. This is the fourth deck in Margaret’s very successful ‘gemstone guardian’ series, published by Findhorn Press.


‘When an animal, insect, bird, or other creature from nature appears repetitively, whether in real life or dreams, it is time to pay attention and find the message that nature is bringing you. This deck of 44 oracle cards by Margaret Ann Lembo pairs 44 gemstones with the teachings of their vibrationally matching animal allies to provide guidance and messages of hope, happiness, and well-being. 

Animal allies are helpers, supporters, and your spiritual entourage, here to reveal self-knowledge and provide clarity on life’s challenges. The Gemstone Guardians are the devic force of the gemstone, which adds energetic assistance in achieving goals and desires through the color and geometric structure of the stone. Each of the cards in this deck offers a question for contemplative thought, a positive affirmation, and Divine Guidance.’

44 card deck

WITCHES WISDOM ORACLE CARDS – By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters –  illustrated by Richard Crookes. 48 cards with guidebook. Solarus Publishing

01Wytch-coverAlready a best selling oracle deck on Amazon, this promises to be one of Richard’s most popular decks with well over 50 five-star reviews. Richard is already working on a follow up to this deck – The Witches’ Kitchen.

‘Re-engage with the knowledge of the Old Ways! Each stunning card speaks of methods, spells and magic that connect you with the elements, mystical realms and spirit to bring about a powerful sense of positivity and change in your life. Venture down this magical avenue and draw upon ancient wisdom that is still most relevant today…

DIVINATION OF THE ANCIENTS  By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters –  illustrated by Richard Crookes. 48 cards with guidebook. Blue Angel Publishing.


‘In ancient times, across countless cultures throughout history, there were those traditionally revered as wise ones – gifted oracles who spoke directly with nature, interpreted signs and omens, and communed with the gods for messages, with extraordinary clarity and foresight. Much of this ancient wisdom and many of their divinatory tools have been forgotten with the passing of time.

This unique deck brings them together again, offering the chance to reconnect with different fortune-telling tools & modalities as well as rediscovering the ancient significance of a multitude of omens and signs from the universe. By rebirthing these lost arts of divination we reawaken our soul’s connection with the world of spirit, and gain access to the symbolic answers that guide us to our heart’s true desire and higher purpose.’

45 cards and guidebook

Sadly, the Tai Chi Reflections cards (which is my personal favourite set of images) are no longer available in print form although collectors may still be able to find them for a while. The latest news though is that the smartphone app is currently under review and will shortly be issued as a full 48 card version in your app stores. Watch this space.wpid-resized_jpeg_1437587350365_704029050.jpg

THE ANGELS OF ATLANTIS  and THE ANGEL HEART SIGILS designed in collaboration with Stewart Pearce and published by Findhorn Press


Winner of the Reader’s Award for Best Oracle Cards from Prediction Magazine 2012,

Winner in the reader’s awards for best oracle deck of 2012.

Angel Heart Sigils

“Richard’s fine talent and exquisite flair are rare and almost incalculable. One is inspired from a bygone era of superlative pen and brush craftsmanship, and the other is gifted from a future sanctuary of exquisite precision and grace. Somehow he suspends them in a flash of present moment, and without Richard’s brilliance, my work of bringing the wisdom of an ancient Oracle into the focus of contemporary daily life, would have been nigh on impossible!”
Stewart Pearce

The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards is a beautifully illustrated deck which provides instant illumination to the reader. The words of inspiration and comfort from Stewart Pearce coupled with the outstanding artwork of Richard Crookes is beyond inspiring! I have used this deck on several occasions when I needed clarity on given situations. After each experience, I have felt calmer, more grounded, and more intuned to the circumstances in which I needed guidance. The chants included with each card vibrated throughout my body, and I felt empowered. I highly recommend this deck to everyone who is looking for additional insights and connections with the angelic realm. –Susan Cotton. Oracle 20/20 Magazine

 (The) “Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards are a gift to the world.”

Alexandra Wenman, Editor of Prediction Magazine

THE ASTROLOGY READING CARDS designed in collaboration with Alison Chester Lambert published by Findhorn Press


“These gorgeous and inspiring oracle cards are almost as good as having an expert astrologer at your fingertips. For the first time ever, you can consult the zodiac for clear answers to specific questions about your life and future without having to get your entire birth chart done – or indeed pay through the nose for a personal reading. Combining Alison Chester-Lambert’s years of planetary wisdom with Richard Crookes’ beautiful ethereal imagery.”
Alexandra Wenman
Editor, Prediction

These cards seem to hold an energy of enchantment which somehow expands as they get to know you? When I received these cards I opened them and felt a magical energy, almost as if they have been infused with some of the stardust of which they speak. Yes, I know that sounds a bit weird; but aren’t these weird times? Are we not opening up to magical moments from all sorts of unexpected places? 
Sandra Marrison, 
Paradigm Shift

THE ANIMAL WHISPERS EMPOWERMENT CARDS designed in collaboration with Madeleine Walker


Following on from Madeleine’s beautiful guided meditation CDS, I eagerly anticipated Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards, knowing the same wisdom and magic would imbue the new creation. I was not disappointed! From the first glance, the cards delight, as Richard Crookes, the very talented illustrator, perfectly depicts the inherent majestic nature of the animal kingdom – allowing me to instantaneously connect with the essence and gift of Animal Whisper. The sturdy box comes with a magnetic clip to keep your cards in pristine condition, opening to reveal a glorious image of the white lion appearing in the sky surrounded by starlight (the same image is also on the back of each animal card, perhaps setting the tone of the special wisdom and energy embodied by the white lions). 

Sarah Ince, Eco-Luminescence

Beautiful cards that are sure to delight divination card collectors as well as anyone who is interested in interspecies communications. Tap into the wisdom of birds, beasts, insects and sea-life through the artistically enhanced photographs in this empowerment deck. Look into the eyes of the animals and choose from among the many cards those that seem to speak to you.

Phylameana Lila Desy,

THE ANGEL GEMSTONE GUARDIAN CARDS designed and formatted for Margaret Ann Lembo published by Findhorn Press


Look out for the follow up set The Archangel and Gemstone Guardian Cards  next year

FORTUNE READING CARDS designed and formatted for Sharina Star published by Rockpool publishing

‘We are all born with psychic ability, but over time, our left brain takes over from the intuitive right brain and we lose our confidence in these abilities and our familiarity with them.

The deck consists of 36 Fortune Reading Cards and a 120 page guide book.

Each individual card holds one personal or spiritual message. They can be used anywhere, at any time, and are particularly fun with groups of friends. Learning to use the Fortune Reading Cards is simple, simply connect to your inner voice and relax, and tune in to your psychic powers.’

Further card deck design work:-

 ASCENSION CARDS – cover design for Diana Cooper
MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN designed and formatted for Jacky Newcomb both published by Findhorn Press
Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.25.52 PM
 Thank you for your interest. If you would like to contact Richard regarding oracle card  artwork, please email him in the first instance at

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