Tai Chi Tutors Directory

Where in the world are you? ….Do you teach Tai Chi?

I’d love to have you as an expert to recommend when people ask me about learning the art. So I am assembling this directory as I think it is the easiest way to make referrals. If you can send me your details via the form below, I’ll check out your site and add you to what I hope will be a growing list. I may perhaps also feature particular tutors from time to time. Of course it would be nice to have reciprocal links on your websites if that is possible, but that’s not why I am doing this.



Tammasak Pungtonpien – The Tai Chi Therapy Centre

North Wales

Sifu Peter Newton – China Bridge Centre

Sifu Peter Newton's Healthy and Fit with Tai Chi

Sifu Peter Newton’s Healthy and Fit with Tai Chi


If you are a Tai Chi tutor and would like to be included in this new directory with your weblink, please fill out the contact form below and Richard will get back to you.

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