Wu Wei Records – 1hr recordings etc


A small independent record label founded by Richard Crookes, August 2020, publishing new, original music, with a strong leaning to contemplative improvisational works.

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Kotography’s debut album, ‘Glass Cage’ is now available in all your favourite online music download stores, itunes, spotify, amazon music etc… follow this link.

Kotography is Francis Booth on piano and fretless bass, Peter Wild on guitar, and Richard Crookes on koto and clarinet. This work is intended to be relaxing, meditative and inspiring while still being alternative and experimental. Music for changing times.

If you enjoy the album, you can purchase alternative 1 hour versions of the tracks here, via Paypal, for use as relaxation/meditation aids. These are an excellent resource for contemplative work.

Produced by Francis Booth


Glass Cage

Long version of 'Glass Cage' from the album of the same name. Kotography's debut album. 58 minutes 27 seconds.


Looking Down

Long version of the improvised musical collaboration with Francis Booth on Bass and Peter Wild on Guitar, coupled with some soothing female voice and percussion loops. Very easy listening. 1 hour 6 minutes


Noh Way

Long version of ‘Noh Way’ from Kotography’s debut album Glass Cage. 1 hour 4 minutes


Breathe on Little Sister

Long version of ‘Breathe on Little Sister’ from Kotography’s debut album Glass Cage. 59 minutes 46 seconds.


Can You See Them?

Long version of ‘Can You See Them’ from Kotography’s debut album Glass Cage. 57 minutes 56 seconds.


Please order via the paypal button and once payment is received, you will receive the download link via wetransfer where you can download the zip file to your computer. If you require a different delivery system (ie dropbox – or any other method) please let me know by email rwcrookes@googlemail.com

#music #relaxation #meditation #Contemplation #improvisation #clarinet #looping #livelooping #liveloop #chillout #downtempo #ambient #experimental

I highly recommend you visiting  Francis Booth’s Planckmusic and also checking out his oeuvre on Amazon to see what else he gets up to.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 2.24.27 PM.png


#music #relaxation #meditation #Contemplation #improvisation #clarinet #looping #livelooping #liveloop #chillout #downtempo #ambient #experimental #kotography

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